Storage Retaining Walls


Precast concrete is ideal for bulk long-term storage.

Compared to galvanized steel, concrete offers a longer life span with formidable protection and high durability. At Kay One Industries, our concrete storage walls are engineered to last for decades and are ready to withstand the rigors of extreme weather and the internal pressure of its retained materials.

Working closely with our clients for over 30 years have given us a thorough understanding of real-world needs and challenges. This experience has allowed our engineers to refine our storage walls in design, quality, and profile.

Manufacturing takes place under trained technicians using high-performance materials and modern equipment and processes. Prestressing imparts high compressive and tensile strength to our precast walls resulting in an extreme strength-to-weight ratio.

Our freestanding units – such as A-walls and L-walls – are a flexible solution that can be easily re-sited and repositioned as your needs change in the future. Modular with a heavy-duty foundation, benefit from straight-forward installation with no onsite pouring or casting, and minimal site preparation.

Find our concrete storage walls used in various industries across South Africa, including agriculture, recycling, mining, and construction. Common storage, bunker, and bay dividing applications include:
• Aggregate
• Silage and grain
• Recycling and waste
• Compost and fertilizer
• Mined ore and manufacturing material

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Retaining walls, dry storage, silage, aggregate bins.
1200mm up-to 4250 mm high


Storage Retaining Walls
Storage Retaining Walls
Bulk Retaining Wall
Storage Retaining Walls
Storage Retaining Walls
Storage Retaining Walls
Storage Retaining Walls
Bunker Walls
2.5 meter high bulk walls