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Barrier Walls


Kay One Industries manufactures high-grade barrier walls to suit a wide range of project needs. A cost-effective alternative to cavity and assembly walls, durability and ease-of-installation make our units a proven solution for concrete walling at barrier height.

With built-in forklift pockets for easy placement and maneuverability, there is no need to hire a crane or surplus staff. Installation of these units are fast and simple with minimal impact on budget and project timeline.

Their modular and freestanding nature results in a flexible barrier wall solution that can be easily re-sited and repositioned with changing requirements.

We have a range of standardized and bespoke aesthetic finishes available upon request. Compared to on-site finishing, our factory-controlled process reduces waiting time significantly and results in a finish of superior texture and consistency. Furthermore, rigorous prestressing and high-performance materials ensures the uniformity and structural integrity of every product we produce.

Our concrete barrier walls are trusted for storage and restriction in a variety of agricultural, industrial, and security sites across South Africa. Common applications of our units include:

• Vehicle and pedestrian delineation
• Site and perimeter security
• Livestock pens and fencing
• Silage and animal feed storage bins
• Low volume material bins
• Waste recycling and composting

For road and highway usage, view our specialized concrete road barriers.

Speak to our specialists at Kay One Industries for your barrier walling needs. We offer free, no-obligation quotations. Call us on +27 (0)71 442 5286 or complete the contact form below.

Barrier Walls
Barrier Walls
Barrier Walls
Barrier Walls
Panbult T Wall

Panbult T Wall

2400 mm long x 1200 mm high x 800 mm base
x 1750 kg