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Security Walls


Extreme Durability Precast Concrete Security Walls for Perimeter & Asset Protection in South Africa


Protect what matters with precast concrete security walls by Kay One Industries.

Along with pedestrian and vehicle delineation, these robust units are purpose-made to offer your premises a formidable defense against intrusion, theft, looting, riots, and attack.

Our security walls are self-standing and feature high-performance concrete with a complex reinforced steel skeleton, precision-engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions for decades to come.

We manufacture security walls in Prasa Wall, T-Wall, A-Wall, L-Wall, and Triangle Wall designs. Choose from our standard options available between 1.5 to 4.5m high and 1200mm wide, or have us design and manufacture bespoke units to meet your custom requirements. Contact us today.


Extensive Site Security Applications

Applications for perimeter and asset security include:

  • Industrial and commercial locations.
  • Warehouses, factories, and retail facilities.
  • Outdoor agricultural and mineral storage sites.
  • Logistic centers, parking lots, and staging areas.
  • High security zones, such as airports and border posts.


Why Precast?

Precast walls combine durability with cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

Unlike masonry and in-situ alternatives, our precast concrete security walls are manufactured in a factory-controlled production environment. Hydraulic processing, prestressing, and lengthy casting and curing methods all impart greater structural integrity and lifespan.

Installation of precast security walls is fast and straightforward. The site requires minimal soil preparation and each wall unit takes minutes to place. Our units are manufactured with cast-in lifting pockets, making it easy to re-site the wall as your security needs change.

Additionally, concrete is inherently fire-proof. Kay One security walls can neither burn nor be set on fire. Units require negligible maintenance and upkeep. Their material profile also serves as a sound barrier against noise pollution, and is thus ideal for industrial areas.


A Turnkey Solution: From Security Wall Design to Manufacture to Installation

We provide a convenient, start-to-finish service for your security walling needs in South Africa. With 30 years of experience in the precast industry, our expert team handle everything from design and manufacture to delivery, site preparation, and installation. We operate nationwide.


Be Alert! Customize Your Security Wall to Support Added Security Apparatus

Effective site security demands multiple fronts of protection and monitoring. Since we fully engineer these units in-house, our security walls can be manufactured with cast-in modifications to suit your additional security requirements.

This includes conduits and fixing points for cabling and external figments, such as spike strips, barbed wire, electric fencing, motion sensor beams, CCTV cameras, floodlights, and more.


Get Started with a Free Quotation

Speak to us at Kay One Industries for your security wall needs. We offer free, no-obligation quotations for tenders and direct order requests. Call us on +27 (0)71 442 5286 or submit the contact form below.

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Storage Retaining Walls and Security Walls
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Security Walls

2400 mm High

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