Concrete kerbs are an integral component in the urban transport and water management setting. Serving a pivotal delineation role in roads, highways, footpaths, drainage, parking spaces and more, the need for durable, trustworthy kerbing cannot be overemphasized.

Kay One Industries manufactures high-grade products that have helped us to become one of South Africa’s leading precast concrete kerbs suppliers.

Because our kerbs are manufactured to a strict tolerance with hydraulic pressing and high-performance cement, they boast high flexural and compressive strength. Furthermore, a time-tested curing process makes our kerbs highly resistant to impact and abrasion – a practical must for vehicle environments.



More than a dozen concrete kerb types are manufactured by Kay One Industries.

Our larger and delineator/barrier kerbs are excellent for roadways, whilst our smaller options are well-suited for pedestrian paths and landscaping projects. The combined kerb and channel products offer a convenient water chanelling solution for surface level storm and wastewater. (View our drainage units for more dedicated water management products.)

Common applications of precast concrete kerbs include:
• Defining and containing road, pathway, and parking lot limits
• Edging and structural support for gardens and paved areas
• Creating a vehicle-pedestrian barrier
• Drainage control for surface water

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Fig 3 kerb

Fig 3 Kerb

150 mm base x 300 mm high x 125 mm top x 1000 mm long
105 kg
18 per pallet
Fig 12 kerb

Fig 12 Kerb

75 mm wide x 150 mm high x 1000 mm long
27 kg
30 per pallet
Fig 6 kerb

Fig 6 Kerb – Most Popular in KZN

125 mm base x 230 mm high x 75 mm top x 1000 mm long
60 kg
32 per pallet
Fig 6 Kerb and Channel

Fig 6 Kerb and 385 Channel

KZN Department of Transport Kerb and & channel
150 kg
1000 mm long
Fig 8c kerb

Fig 8c Kerb

300 mm base x 200 mm back x 100 mm front x 1000 mm long
110 kg
15 per pallet
Fig 7 kerb

Fig 7 Kerb

180 mm base x 280 mm high x 75 mm top x 140 mm slope x 1000 long
110 kg
15 per pallet
Custom Curb Channel 1000mm long

Kerb and Channel

1000mm long
Delineator / Barrier kerb

Delineator / Barrier kerb

120 kg


Jozi Figure 3 Kerb

Jozi Figure 3 Kerb and Channel

Jozi Figure 7 Kerb and Channel

Jozi Figure 7 Kerb and Channel

Concrete Mini Kerbs

Mini Kerbs